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Front Desk Associate -(Full Time) Culver City Float to Santa Monica



California, USA
Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Role Title: Front Desk Associate (Front and Back Office)


Tia Culver City

8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

and some Shift at

Tia Santa Monica

1417 2nd St Unit D
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Shift: Part Time: Wed, Thurs 11:00am-7:30pm & Saturday's 8:00am - 4:00pm in Culver city with some available shifts at Tia Santa Monica location

Compensation: $20 - $23/hr.

Reporting to: Clinic Manager

Role Summary: Ensures hospitable patient member experience at the Tia Clinic, and in collaboration with the care team and Clinic Manager, maintains efficient patient operations. Actively participates in reporting feedback/suggestions related to patient care, and clinic or front of house process to supervisory staff.

Values :

Achieve excellence, with regard to impact over effort

  • Be compassionate
  • Practice a meritocracy of ideas
  • Ownership mentality


  • Client service mentality, understanding + ease of practice “hospitality principles”
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Process - oriented thinking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ability to navigate ambiguity
  • Enthusiastic, energetic, and friendly disposition despite highly demanding environment
  • Ability to maintain composure under stress
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Interpersonal communication: be aware of other’s reactions and embody empathy
  • Proven ability to learn from mistakes, ability to reflect


Proficiency in core MS/Google Suite

  • Vitals documentation
  • Autoclaving steralization + disinfecting
  • Supply expiry review

Supply management & ordering

  • Customer Service skills

Tech-savvy: willingness to learn new technologies and frameworksExcellent verbal and written Communication

  • Strongly adheres to process
  • Resourcefulness
  • Highly Organized
  • Keen to Detail
  • Self - motivated


Hospitality: Be compassionate and utilize interpersonal communication to execute a hospitable and seamless patient experience

    • Greet and direct all patients, or other related individuals to appropriate locations while maintaining excellent customer service at all times
    • Maintain lines of communication amongst care team members to ensure back and front of house operations are aligned with patient/care team needs

Member Engagement: Compassionately embody the voice of Tia for prospective and existing members and provide excellent client service orientation

    • Educate patients when visiting the clinic on Tia Services (workshops, acupuncture, community events, retail products, pricing, etc.)
    • You’re passionate about diversity and inclusion. You believe in sex-positive, no judgment and radically inclusive healthcare for every person, and espouse these values in your everyday life

Administrative Duties: Have a great ability to prioritize and multitask in a fast paced environment

    • Spearhead all administrative duties varying from scanning and uploading patient medical health information, electronic filing of EOBs, documentation upkeep of clinic operations such as Wellness Credits, billing Issues, Inventory, Mail assortment, Accuracy in DrChrono Appointments Check In/Out Flow in regards to: Payment Profiles, Billing Status
    • Assist care coordinators in the booking process. Scheduling all inbound patients based on assignment.

Facility Maintenance: Set the bar incredibly high and be keen to detail

    • Basic housekeeping to ensure communal areas are stocked, cleanly, and maintained
    • Escalate any facility maintenance issues

Ad - Hoc Duties: Through cross-functional collaboration, have the ability to execute ad-hoc tasks and projects as needed, and meet deadlines .

    • Assist with preparing patients for examination, obtain patient medical history
    • Obtain vital signs, Document results and patient information in EMR, instruct patients with follow-up instructions as necessary, and perform clerical duties necessary for the physicians to see the patient.
    • Undertake additional ad-hoc projects as assigned to help with clinic operations varying from research, product sourcing, GSuite Documentation of processes, miscellaneous errands, facilitation of team meetings and/or training.

Performance Evaluation Framework:


Needs Improvement

Meets Expectations



Frequently careless. Demonstrates poor customer relations skills. Leaves people waiting and does not create a welcoming environment at the Clinic. Cups are dirty, and the facility is not well stocked/maintained.

Enthusiastic, and displays positive behavior and makes all customers feel welcome.

Delivers a high quality and inviting experience at the clinic. Maintenance of the facility is spectacular, cleanly stocked. Practices empathy, is enthusiastic, and is constantly attentive to the needs of individuals entering the clinic to ensure everyone feels welcome, heard,and cared for.

Member Engagement

Does not connect with potential members and ineffectively, and inaccurately communicates company mission due to lack of knowledge.

Relays accurate information to potential and existing members.

Prioritizes staying up to date on all member/company related information in order to educate patients with accurate information. As the face Tia, is able to upsell services to drive higher utilization.

Administrative Duties

Has energy, drive and performance levels that are inconsistent and unpredictable. Must be reminded about tasks/process more than once on a consistent basis. Frequent errors in check in/out process such as failure to denote cash payments, cancellations, changes in insurances, incorrect payment/billing statuses reporting

Can be counted upon for steady performance. Handles administration conscientiously from start to finish. Achieves results with appropriate level of guidance. Take steps to resolve problems and make constructive recommendations.

Strongly adheres to process . Displays high levels of accuracy and work productivity. Takes pride in work and strives to improve work performance. Accurate Upkeep of DrChrono payments/patient information, and appointments. All administration and correspondence are completed on time with no errors. Accuracy is excellent.

Facility Maintenance

Clinic is not maintained, dirty dishes are left in the living space, items are not frequently replaced as they run out.

Clinic Standards are met. Clinic is clean, and ensures areas are fully stocked with appropriate items.

Any facility issues are always immediately escalated to the Clinic Manager.

Clinic standards are maintained. All areas are kept sanitary and cleaned, all areas are stocked with appropriate goods.

Bubbles up idea to clinic manager about how might improve experience based on patient feedback

Ad - Hoc Duties

Does not follow up consistently, send updates or uphold deadlines

Is reticent to take on projects / not open minded to learning to skills required to accomplish projects

Meets all project deadlines

Demonstrates excitement about learning new skills

Meets project deadlines, gatherer of information, assesses areas to improve or recommends better processes or strategies for consolidating workflow

Attendance and Punctuality

Frequent unexcused absences and/or habitually shows up late for work

(Ex. Habit of calling out a little too often)

Shows up for work on a regular basis and is always on time

Arrives for work early and stays late regularly showing initiative and drive


Reluctant to change or adapt to new schedule requests, etc.

Willingness to accommodate to clinic needs

Goes above and beyond for clinic needs


Is not receptive to the constructive nature of feedback or does not show signs of acting upon feedback

Listens to feedback and immediately seeks clarification if necessary. Shows signs of acting on feedback in good faith and making necessary changes/improvements.

Accepts and acknowledges feedback and demonstrates ability to growth and adapt

Work Velocity

Lacks enthusiasm to get tasks completed and/or keep up with clinic flow and demands

Prioritizes and completes tasks correctly in a timely fashion and understands the importance of addressing matters and communicating them to stakeholders.

Anticipates tasks that create solutions for patients and Tia team members. Tasks are then completed independently and proactively to prevent or minimize issues. Models the way for other team members and assists others without prompting,

Work Quality

Does a minimal amount of work, doesn’t seem engaged, lacks initiative

Self motivated, multitasker, follows instructions, takes pride in their work

Prioritizes, takes on additional responsibility, adheres to standards